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A timeless treasure found almost nowhere else in the world

Every stunning pink diamond in the Legacy Collection is unique and has been selectively curated. As the Argyle mine in Western Australia prepares to close, this collection represents some of the last pink diamonds ever to be produced on Australian soil.

A master cutter has shaped and polished these rare and valuable stones with creativity and expert precision, transforming each pink diamond into a unique and timeless masterpiece.

This is your chance to own one of the most concentrated forms of wealth in the world.

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Australia owned and operated

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Each unique stone is Argyle certified
and laser inscribed

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Become a Part of Our Legacy

For every pink diamond sold from the Legacy Collection, we will donate a percentage of the sale price to the McGrath Foundation.

On average, 53 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, it is a disease that can affect anyone. The McGrath Foundation offers free access to Breast Cancer Nurses for anyone with breast cancer in Australia.

We believe that the true value of the pink diamond lies in its symbolic feminine qualities of tenderness, love and harmony. Qualities found in the McGrath nurses, who work tirelessly to support anyone affected by breast cancer.

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