No feeling compares to those evoked by magical pink diamonds

Formed at the core of the earth under immense pressure and pushed to the surface over billions of years, pink diamonds are an extraordinary rare gift, given to us by nature to appreciate and pass on to future generations.

The birthplace of almost all of the world’s pink diamonds is the Argyle mine in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. With the Argyle mine set to close by 2021, the Legacy Collection represents your chance to own some of the last pink diamonds ever to be produced in Australia.

A pink diamond in tweezers
A pink diamond from the legacy collection.

A feeling of wealth and strong sentimental value

Often considered a symbol of wealth and prestige, pink diamonds represent love, imagination, creativity and harmony, which allows them to convey both a feeling of wealth and a strong sentimental value, to the person who receives them.

Just like the emotional bond between loved ones, no two stones are the same. Each diamond is unique in its structure and creates the perfect legacy to keep, pass down and be remembered by.

As a pink diamond owner you’ll become part of an exclusive few who understand the true value and fascination evoked by this gift of nature, a billion years in the making.

As we tell the story of pink diamonds, our hope is that you pass it on in your legacy and so the story continues for generations to come.