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An unsurpassed reputation for quality

We’re a team of pink diamond experts, who run Australia’s leading investment diamond brokerage, Australia Diamond Portfolio (ADP).

For nearly a decade we have sourced some of the rarest pink diamonds from our Sydney Headquarters, for clients here and across the world.

ADP’s mission is to make rare coloured diamonds accessible to all investors and with this in mind, we curated the Legacy Collection to enable collectors to experience the magic of pink diamonds and own a soon-to-be-lost piece of Australia’s ancient past.

If you are an investor looking to purchase diamonds as an investment, visit our investment site.

Executive Director Anna Cisecki holding a private consultation with two prospective investors.
Anna Cisecki - Executive Director
Anna Cisecki - Executive Director
David Burger - Master Diamond Polisher
David Burger - Master Diamond Polisher

Providing expert advice every step of the way

The Legacy Collection is the passion project of accredited diamond expert, Anna Cisecki and globally-acclaimed master diamond polisher, David Burger. As one of the only few people in the world who can craft the rough diamond into an alluring work of art. Prior to his retirement, David worked with the Argyle mine since its inception and possesses steady nerves, creativity, and a comprehensive understanding of light, in order to elicit the brilliance of a pink diamond, worthy of the Argyle mine.

Both with unsurpassed reputations within the Australian diamond industry, Anna and David know that buying a pink diamond requires special care and consideration. They are on hand to provide expert advice, as you seek to acquire your stunning pink diamond, whether as an investment, collectable or gift.