The Argyle Grading Method

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the Argyle mine, which has managed to become the leading name in pink diamonds as a result of their brilliant branding as well as their incredible products, is responsible for creating a diamond grading system of their own.

The Argyle colour grading system is separated into three hues, with the descriptors as follows:

PP – Purplish Pink which is pink with a purplish secondary colour, and in rare instances Purple Pink where the pink and purple are in equal balance.

P – Pink which is straight, pure pink, and

PR – ‘Pink Rose’ which is a ‘rosey’ blush pink

The three hues are further divided into nine intensities utilising the prefix of 1 to 9; 1 being the deepest and 9 being the lightest.

In addition to this the Pink Champagne (PC) colour profile covers those diamonds with a brown body colour and a pink secondary colour. The intensity nomenclature is reversed for this colour range, PC1 being the lightest intensity through to PC3 being the darkest.

Purplish Pink (PP)

Pink (P)

Pink Rosé (PR)