Value guaranteed with Argyle mine certification

Each pink diamond from the Legacy Collection is laser inscribed with a unique Argyle ID number, visible under magnification. To accompany this, every stone is issued with a matching original Argyle Gem Identification and Authenticity Document.

The authenticity document gives you an assurance that the diamond originated from the Argyle mine and has always been in its own care, or that of trusted trade partners. So you get peace of mind that your pink diamond will retain and build on its value for many years to come.

Argyle mine certification
Every diamond comes with authenticity certification from the Argyle mine.
Certiline security seal
Tamper evident Certiline security seal.

Future-proofed with sealed, tamper-evident casing

All diamonds from the Legacy Collection are safeguarded and sealed in tamper-evident casing, which along with it’s laser inscription, provides complete transparency and assurance of your diamond against its authenticity documents.

The Certiline security seal sets the industry standard for gemmological laboratories and has a number of security features, which only become visible after opening the seal. So you can be sure the legacy encased within your diamond, is future-proofed and safe.

Curated by leading pink diamond experts

Decades of expertise are behind this limited collection of spectacular pink diamonds. The Legacy Collection has been meticulously curated by the globally acclaimed Master Polisher, David Burger and Executive Director at Australian Diamond Portfolio, Anna Cisecki, for their exquisite beauty and rarity.

Anna Cisecki - Executive Director

Anna Cisecki
Accredited Diamond Expert

As Executive Director at Australian Diamond Portfolio, Anna Cisecki has over 15 years experience in the diamond and precious metals industry, including gemmological work with the E.G.L. USA Group and consulting roles for both diamond and precious metals investors.

Anna is an ardent diamond connoisseur with a passion for educating clients and industry professionals alike, and arming them with the information and tools they need to invest in diamonds the smart way.

David Burger - Principle Consultant

David Burger
Master Diamond Polisher

A globally acclaimed Master Diamond Polisher, David has spent 52 years polishing diamonds in South Africa and Australia, with a specific area of expertise in pink and red diamond cuts.

David Burger worked at the Argyle mine since it opened its doors in the early 1980’s. Only a handful of people in the world can cut and polish pink diamonds, as the risks are enormous – the slightest miscalculation can result in the irreversible loss of priceless colour.

Bringing his unique talent and skill, David transforms the rough diamond into a polished masterpiece.

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