A piece of the past that will never be repeated

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are unique to Australia, a source of Australian pride, and should be celebrated as a link to our ancient past, the present and beyond. With the Legacy Collection, we aim to spread the beauty of pink diamonds and give these rare gems the chance to sparkle in the spotlight.

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are our passion and with the mine’s imminent closure, we curated this collection to bring their wonder to a larger audience. This is your last opportunity to hold this ancient piece of Australia in your hands and pass it down as your legacy.

The Argyle mine in Western Australia
The Argyle mine in Western Australia, source of the world's most prized pink diamonds.
Legacy Collection packaging

The perfect gift to be passed on and passed down

Diamonds in the Legacy Collection are categorised in three shades: Pink rosé, Cherry blossom and Orchid pink, with weights ranging from 0.08 to 0.14 carat.

Each stone arrives complete with an Argyle certificate of authenticity and beautifully encased in a premium Legacy Collection security-sealed card, within an elegant pink ribbon presentation box.

With the Argyle mine set to close by the end of this year, now is the last opportunity to become one of the few people in the world to own an exceptionally unique piece of Australia.