07 Dec 2020

From Argyle Mine Closure to a New Beginning

This article originally appeared in Australian Mining December 2020. You can view the original article here, pages 22-23.

No mine in the world has produced rare pink diamonds that can compete with the vibrancy and colour depth of those unearthed at Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia.

The pink diamonds found in the mines of India, Brazil and Russia also don’t compete with the character of Argyle’s famous gems.

The abundance of Argyle’s pink diamonds fit into just a small bucket in any given year, with Australian Diamond Portfolio executive director Anna Cisecki saying they represent only one of every 10,000 gem-quality diamonds produced at the mine.

Further, they represent less than 1 per cent of the world’s supply of diamonds, putting them in a much-elevated position to yellow diamonds that comprise around 60 per cent of the fancy-colour diamond market.

This scarcity has given pink diamonds inflation protecting qualities and steadily increased their prices by 11 per cent in the past 15 years, outperforming the Australian Securities Exchange, which returned 7.9 per cent.

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03 Nov 2020

The Legacy Collection coverage on 7News

The below video and article are taken from 7News. The original article can be found here.


The last of Australia’s rare pink diamonds will be showcased by Australian Diamond Portfolio.

The Sydney-based company will curate ‘The Legacy Collection’, a set of pink diamonds for a surprisingly affordable price range – $1,000 to $10,000.

“Unlike yellow diamonds, which comprise over 60 per cent of all fancy colour diamonds produced, natural pinks fall into the same category as blues and reds for their extreme rarity,” a spokesperson for Australian Diamond Portfolio told Australian Mining.
“… The richer the ‘pink’, the rarer and more valuable the stone. Nowhere else in the world can you find pinks with such character and depth of colour and vibrance of tone as those from the Argyle mine.

“Even if a new mine was to be discovered in the near future, it would still take a minimum 10-15 years to reach the actual stage of producing diamonds to sell.”

Visit our shop page to view and buy stones from The Legacy Collection now.


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